created and produced by Theater Reconstruction Ensemble

after Christopher Marlowe

conceived and directed by John Kurzynowski


Performers: Celeste Arias, Hunter Canning, Matt Carr, Matt Connolly, Nathaniel Kent, Emily Marro, Anastasia Olowin, Jon Riddleberger, Eugene Michael Santiago, Tina Shepard

Producing Director: Sydney Matthews

Associate Director: Lauren Swan-Potras | Scenic and Lighting Design: Jonathan Cottle | Sound Design: Kate Marvin | Master of Electricity: Peter Mills Weiss


John Faustus, in his soul-consuming quest for knowledge and power, conjures up the most hellish spirits of the underworld, and strikes a bargain with the devil that's just too good to be true. Christopher Marlowe's classic take on magic and mortality is brought to life by an ensemble of actors and designers working collectively to reconstruct one of the most controversial plays of the last 500 years.

Through the use of opera, sequins, slapstick, devil horns, angel wings, banjos, fake beards, magic, men in skirts, sex, religion, politics, fireworks, whips, Helen of Troy and the Seven Deadly Sins themselves, Theater Reconstruction Ensemble tells the ultimate tale of good vs. evil. Hold on to your soul, cause the devil is on the prowl.

photos by Kate Gagnon