created and performed by Theater Reconstruction Ensemble

conceived and directed by John Kurzynowski

Performers: Michael Barringer, Hunter Canning, Jonathan Gordon, Eben Hoffer, Patrick Scheid, Nick Smerkanich, Hugh Trimble, Merlin Whitehawk

Producing Director: Reed Whitney

Associate Director: Lauren Swan-Potras | Sound Design: Eben Hoffer and John Kurzynowski | Lighting Design: Jonathan Cottle | Production Design: Aaron Ethan Green | Stage Manager: Sarah Lurie | Press Rep: Off Off PR / Paul Siebold


In the heyday of the American drama, the forefathers of realism were seeking to create a new form of story-telling in which characters could be plucked from the everyday humdrum of reality, and the actors portraying could pass for your neighbor or your brother or the man seated next to you. Tired of the melodramatic flare, these artists were working together to rebel against the established norm by experimenting with the unknown and reveling in the process of development and creation.

More than half a century later, Theater Reconstruction Ensemble has assembled a group of eight men struggling to create their own process of theatrical story-telling, following in their forefathers' footsteps - examining their greatest works and challenging their most legendary of methods. By looking to the past, we have created a new piece of theater - a patchwork of style, drama, realism and what lies beyond - that pushes the boundaries of our now-established norms of playwriting and theater-making. We are continuing their experiment by exploring our own process and venturing ourselves into the great unknown.

photos by Suzi Sadler / video by Michael Barringer


John Kurzynowski’s ‘Salesmen’ is a modern experimental form simultaneously honoring its forefathers and breaking their rules at every turn. What results is a fresh, bold production from a voice that clearly has much to say. The young Theater Reconstruction Ensemble is one to watch.
— Show Business Weekly
‘Salesmen’ is an experimental wonderland. The performers are fearless in their explorations of the theatre space and even time itself. If you like work that challenges the boundaries of theatre and explores historical influences on contemporary theatrical attitudes then ‘Salesmen’ is for you.
— Theatre Is Easy
The ensemble works as a chaotic unit, exploring the space with an abundance of calculated physicalities. Director Kurzynowski’s staging is precise. At times, it’s like watching an acting class of brilliant actors. At other times, it’s like you’re at a tennis match ... The two ‘courts’ made up of taped boxes serve as the stages for the company.
— Theater in the Now