created and performed by Theater Reconstruction Ensemble

written by John Kurzynowski and Jon Riddleberger

after William Shakespeare

conceived and directed by John Kurzynowski

Performers: Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Sam Corbin, Joshua William Gelb, Emily Marro

Producing Director: Reed Whitney

Associate Director: Lauren Swan-Potras | Sound Design: Kate Marvin and Alex Hawthorn | Production Design: Marika Kent | Production Manager: Markus Paminger | Stage Manager: Julia Levine | Sound-Op: Frank Pagliaro


In How to Hamlet, or Hamleting Hamlet four actors are tasked with staging - you guessed it - Hamlet.

But will they shed new light on the most well known story in the English language? Can they escape the historical weight such a canonical play carries? Are they prepared to take on such a monumental challenge? As they confront their own artistic and academic anxieties their conversation transforms into a sort of séance, giving way to an unexpected conjuring of the ghosts of Hamlets past. Haunted by the stock characters of Shakespeare's classic - ghosts, scholars, kings, and grave-digging clowns - the actors are dragged deeper down the rabbit hole of theatrical history. Shakespeare's words swirl around them, but are never quite within their grasp.

Ultimately, their struggle to insert a piece of themselves into Shakespeare's masterpiece becomes the story of How to Hamlet, or Hamleting Hamlet, a meta-theatrical meditation on the Bard's most famous work.

photos by Suzi Sadler


‘How to Hamlet, Or Hamleting Hamlet’ is another strange and clever creation from Theater Reconstruction Ensemble. One of TRE’s greatest distinctions as a New York company (in my opinion) is that they are always playing onstage. No one takes themselves too seriously; no one is concerned with looking pretty. TRE’s production offers a refreshingly original take on Hamlet, truly playing with the text and themes, rather than maintaining any sort of reverential attitude towards it. Don’t mistake this levity for lack of integrity, though. True to their name, TRE interrogates the theatrical form itself with their work.
— Culturebot
It’s an awesome responsibility to summarize, analyze, and agree upon what this well-trodden text wants to say or has to offer — and in their epic attempt to do so, the charismatic and insanely skilled actors find in Hamlet (the person, not the play) a kindred spirit. Just as that title character is willing to throw the kitchen sink at his vow to avenge dear old dead dad, Theater Reconstruction Ensemble pulls out all the stops while staying mission-focused on its quest to make sense of things.
— The Villager